Research scientist at Public Health England within the Diagnostics & Genomics group, involved in rare and imported pathogen diagnostics. Previously PhD at RVC on M. tuberculosis.

Admirer of all things science, bioinformatics, Star Wars, zoonoses, Lego and technology.

(Not necessarily in that order…)

I began my career in microbiology through undertaking a professional training year under the supervision of Prof. Les Baillie. Here, I worked on isolating novel bacteriophages capable of infecting B. anthracis and a Lethal Factor capture based system. Following my time within academic research labs during my undergraduate (PTY and dissertation), I decided to pursue a PhD in microbiology at Royal Veterinary College under the supervision of Dr. Sharon Kendall. My work focused on the elusive TetR family of transcriptional regulators (TFTRs) in M. tuberculosis and M. bovis, particularly those showing high conservation across mycobacteria but no functional characterisation. My PhD work entailed a variety of molecular bacteriology and bioinformatic techniques, from CL3 pathogen manipulation, recombination-based mutagenesis, functional SNP analysis, qPCR to traditional culture-based methods.

Since finishing my PhD, I undertook a brief stint as a research scientist at Microgenetics, a biotechnology startup developing new rapid microbial detection tests for bovine tuberculosis and pharmaceutical sterility testing. As of March 2019, I am moving to Public Health England as a research scientist within the the Diagnostics & Genomics group, working with and for the Rare and Imported Pathogens Laboratory (RIPL).

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