So as some of you might know, I recently started a new position back in August at Microgenetics, a spin-out company specialising in environmental monitoring software and a rapid microbial detection test. My role was mostly on the rapid microbial detection test – termed SwiftDetect, helping out with the test and future R&D efforts for the test.But…I was sent a job advert by a friend and it was right up my street – research scientist at Public Health England, within the Rare and Imported Pathogens Laboratory (RIPL). I applied, really thinking I didn’t have a chance. But, come early December, the day after the interview, I was made an offer for the position, something I can’t quite believe still. It’s practically been a dream job (lame, but true) since I first discovered microbiology (back during my GCSEs 🤓), where I was fascinated by rare/exotic/tropical diseases. So as of March, I will be starting as a research scientist within RIPL focusing on researching, developing, testing and validating new diagnostics for rare/imported pathogens like plague, zika, anthrax and Chikungunya etc. This means I am leaving Microgenetics after a short time, and it wasn’t because I haven’t enjoyed my time at Microgenetics, it’s been awesome and have loved my time here and learned so, so *so* much, for which I am very grateful. I just can’t say no to the job I’ve always wanted!