So my PhD has finally come to its end 3 years later…though I say it is at its end, I actually have until March 2019 to finish writing and submit, but the aim is to get it in before Christmas! Anyway…A while back, I applied for a position of research scientist at Microgenetics (thanks LinkedIn), a small biotech startup spun out from Bath ASU and Qualsept Pharmexo Holdings. Fortunately, I was invited to interview and a few weeks later, I’m now glad to say I’ll be starting as a “Product Research Scientist”, slightly different role, but a more encompassing role and I’m really excited for it!

I’ll be working on the development and applications of existing Microgenetics products (RapID and CloudQC) and other product development. But one thing I’m really excited about is being involved in the bovine TB pilot study (in conjunction with the APHA) using our RapID test, so stay tuned!