One line overview:

Interesting and in-depth viewpoints on AI from the founder of an institute developed to prevent AI causing the end of humanity


So again, the Wellcome collection has provided me with an endless list of books to buy and read. This is one I’ve been keen to read as soon as I could, as AI is definitely the hot topic at the moment, and I recently finished ‘To Be a Machine’ which was a favourite book of mine from last year.

The author, Max Tegmark, a known cosmologist and found of the Future of Life Institute details a variety of things about AI and all the things I kinda wanted the book to cover. Covering topics as ‘can AI even be possible?’, ‘what is the consensus about when we will get AI?’, ‘is AI destined to be evil?’ amongst others.

The book is great, covering everything I wanted to read about AI and the current consensus from AI researchers, but one thing I wasn’t particularly a fan of was the physics (but that’s just because i’m not a fan of physics in general) as well as the cosmology bits. But this is kinda expected, considering Tegmark is a prominent cosmologist. It was the chapter on the future of humans/AI in the rest of universe that I thought was a bit out of place, yes I can understand why it was there, but it felt a bit random, more could have been touched on in the areas of where AI is going.

Even with these, I did enjoy it, it was  nice to learn the limits of AI and why these limits occur, what the implications are for AI in some job markets and what possible future scenarios involving AI could be i.e. an AI superpower that would control us, or a god like AI that we enslave for our gains.

Overall: 7/10