One line overview:

Short, concise introduction to all Egyptology myths though gets confusing quickly


So, I started playing Assassins Creed: Origins recently and it struck me (yes, playing a video game made me want to learn, which is awesome surely?), I know hardly anything about the gods and goddesses of Egypt etc, so straight to Amazon and found this book:

“Egyptian Myths: A Guide to The Ancient Gods and Legends” by Garry Shaw

It seems to be part of a series covering lots of different mythologies e.g. Celtic, Norse and Roman/Greek myths and they all had good reviews, so thought I’d go with this book, as if I wanted to read more about the other mythologies, there’s a fair few options.

I went into the book knowing some Egyptology, like the gods Anubis, Isis, Osiris etc, but didn’t really know exactly what or who they were, just the occasional detail about them. So a book covering lots of details about what they are, what they did and exactly who it is they are related to or even parents of would be ideal.

It starts as you would expect, covering the beginning of the world by the first god – Re (or Ra it seems, depending what you read) and how he created the world with a link between order and disorder, creating light and dark, water and land, night and day etc. Just before delving into the other gods – Shu and Geb, then details of King Osiris and King Seth. I won’t expand on the chapters, mainly as they are incredibly complex and some details can be rather obscure…


But it can get super confusing, as there’s so many gods/goddesses and some can be merged with others, whilst others can die and others reincarnated into other gods, it gets super out of hand. So a big ‘family tree’ would be good, just to refer back too occasionally.

Ultimately, the final few chapters touch on what these myths did to real people in that what effect(s) they had on the day to day lives of most Egyptians – from temples to their own homes to their beliefs about after dying and ending on the impact of Egyptian gods have had to this day.

The book pretty much covered everything I wanted to learn about Egyptology myths, though I then realised how little I know about the kings and queens that reigned over Egypt, like Nefertiti, Tutankhamun and Cleopatra.

Overall: 7/10