Recently, I found out I got chosen for the great outreach activity called “I’m a scientist, get me out of here!” ( It involves scientists directly talking to children of all ages through a web-chat interface (with teachers included), with scientists from all disciplines. This year I was chosen for the ‘Microbiology one’ (kindly sponsored by SfAM) in which all the scientists included were microbiologists. Ultimately, it ends up with students voting for their favourite scientist, then each day from next week (13th Nov), a scientist gets eliminated each night before an eventual winner is crowned, who gets prize money of £500 to spend on outreach of their choice.

The website involves creating a sort of profile (see below) talking all about my science experience and what i’m currently doing (see my profile here)

My profile page on the I’m A Scientist page

So far, i’ve had lots of questions, some really good but some are really obscure like “do i like chicken legs” or “do i support medical marijuana”. But overall, 2 days in, it’s been great!

This has been my highlight…




So, after completing the I’m a Scientistget me out of here! event, I came 2nd. Absolutely thrilled I was able to take part and Ananthi definitely deserved to win as she was awesome. A report of the microbiology zone can be found here, with one of my interactions with a student about tuberculosis 🙂

Great to see a student engaged and asking more about TB!