So I decided to have a change of my website. Something I usually do when I’m bored…but previously, back in the days, I had the following as a background for the whole website, but it was way too garish. Cool idea I thought, but just too horrible to look at!


I then switch to the a circle theme, kinda like below (I had to use a website archive to find the old look), with each circle depicting part of the website like ‘Research’, ‘About’ or ‘Contact me’ (see below again). I liked this, as when you hovered over the circle, the image would become coloured as opposed to black and white.


I thought it was cool, but over time, it actually got me annoyed as it felt a bit shitty. So anyway, I set out for a new look and settled on the following:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.13.45 AM.png

I spent a few hours finding some nice cartoon science icons, mostly microbes, DNA and conical flasks and overlaid it as my main website image. It’s been a week or two now and I am sold on the look and have adopted it as a standard theme for my website quite a bit different to my original garish looking!

So here’s to a new website design and ‘theme’ 👍🏻