Alex Boese is the author of a few books that I’ve got: Hippo Eats Dwarf, Elephants on Acid and Electrified Sheep. I started out with his second book, Elephants on Acid after seeing it at the Wellcome Collection, again, a shop that I highly recommend.

Elephants on Acid covers all the weird experiments that have been performed in published across the years, from proposing mathematical equations to find the best sound at a cocktail party to giving elephants LSD (as the book title) to mums smelling their newly born kids nappies!


The book really does cover some ridiculous experiments, some I’d love to write about, but I feel I would ruin the book to anyone reading this. It was the type of book, as Boese puts it, that is good for toilet reading. You can read about one or two experiments and come back to it again, but I found myself (on my commute for the record, not the toilet) reading endless pages. As I thought I had read the most ridiculous experiment, yet a few pages later I find an even more bizarre experiment. It truly was a great book, much better than Hippo Eats Dwarf, but that was more about urban myths than scientific studies.

Overall: 9/10 (one of my favourite books, literally could not put it down)